Extra Thick Bell Tent Footprint


Bell tent footprint. Extra thick (550g/m2) PVC footprint designed to fit perfectly underneath your Series 4000 or 5000 SoulPad bell tent. The footprint serves as a protective layer beneath your SoulPad and has eyelets for pegging out. Due to the material and thickness, this item also has a low noise level underfoot. This item is an optional extra if you are looking for an additional layer of insulation beneath your tent.

Simply choose the model that fits your bell tent. The Series-4000 option fits the 4000-ease, 4000-hybrid, 4000-hybrid-G models. The Series-5000 option fits the 5000-ease, 5000-hybrid and 5000-hybrid-G models.


Bell tent footprint, extra thick. Choose the Series-4000 option for compatibility with 4000-ease, 4000-hybrid, 4000-hybrid-G models, or choose the Series-5000 option for compatibility with 5000-ease, 5000-hybrid and 5000-hybrid-G models.


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