Half Inner Tent for Bell Tents


The Demi Inner™ sections off approximately one half of the internal space and is compatible with the 4 metre and 5 metre SoulPads. It can be used to create a separate room within the tent for any purpose you wish.

Younger children respond particularly well to the inner tents as it presents them with a sense of order amongst the camping chaos and can help to define a safe and secure sleeping area. Being a sealed unit with an additional groundsheet sewn-in, this is the perfect bit of kit for stretching out the camping season. SoulPad’s inners are incredibly lightweight – so much so that the inner could even be taken along on a trip as an optional extra.

There is a Demi Inner™ compatible with most SoulPad options, however they are not compatible with the use of stoves.


We all have our own reasons for configuring our SoulPad® in this way, but here are a few suggestions.

  • Extra privacy.
  • A children’s bedroom.
  • Ensures an area remains free from critters!
  • Extra warmth to stretch out the camping season.


Design: The inners have been designed to clear the outer fly sheet in such a way that the two should not come into contact with each other. This encourages the free flow of air which is so important when camping under canvas.

Doors: There are two separate doors, divided at the centre, both of which open into the same chamber. Both doors include a privacy screen and a secondary mosquito mesh screen. Both or just one of the screens can be used at a time.

Zips: The zips are robust and allow the doors of the inner to be opened to the full radius of the SoulPad® tent. The doors are also full height.

Windows: Inside the Demi Inner™ are windows that correspond with the windows on the outer fly. These can be zipped open and closed in the same way.

Weight: Approximately 4.8kg average.

– Made from a lightweight, breathable polycotton (approx 20% cotton).
– 180 g/m2 PE groundsheet sewn-in.
– Primary privacy doors.
– Secondary mosquito mesh doors.
– Supplied in a 100% cotton-canvas, drawstring bag.


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