Winnerwell® Tent Fitting Kit – Large/Pizza Oven


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Compromising of a suitably sized Flashing Kit, Triple Wall Heat Protector Chimney, Fireproof Mat & a Stove Carry Bag, this collection of accessories is the perfect addition to your Winnerwell® Stove and Bell Tent!

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Winnerwell® Fireproof Mat 38.5″ x 59″ FIBERGLASS-SILICONE
Strongly recommended to use with any Winnerwell® stove in a tent or shelter, the Winnerwell® Fireproof Mat measures 38.5” x 59 ”, is made from fiberglass with a silicone coating, and can withstand temperatures up to 250℃. Place the mat underneath you stove to prevent sparks or embers that may escape when opening the door from contacting the floor in your tent or shelter.

Winnerwell Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney 3.5″
Highly recommended for where your chimney pipe exits the stove jack in your tent or shelter, the Winnerwell® 3.5” Triple-wall Heat Protector Pipe Section is compatible with the Woodlander and Nomad series L-sized wood burning stoves. The triple wall design prevents the hot flue pipe from directly contacting your exit point. The exterior diameter is 150mm / 5.9 inches and is designed to fit perfectly with Large Winnerwell® Silicone Flashing Kit.

Winnerwell® Flashing Kit
Designed to fit perfectly with the Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney 3.5″, the Winnerwell® Large Flashing Kit is made from silicone which resists temperatures of up to 240℃ and is held in place by stainless steel rings with six wing nuts. The Flashing Kit Large can be used to create a weather-tight seal on existing stove jacks or when installing a stove jack in a tent or shelter.

Winnerwell® Carrying Bag
Made from heavy-duty polyester. the Winnerwell Large Carrying Bag has a large compartment for the stove and two side compartments for stove accessories and camp gear.

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