It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you but July was remarkably similar to the prior couple of months for us here at Honeybells. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our schedule has taken an understandable hit; with festivals, weddings and everything inbetween either being postponed or cancelled for the 2020 summer. However, July has given us some things to reflect upon.

The end of the month seemed to creep up on us at an incredible speed and it seems impossible to believe that we’re already in August! If you think we’re excited then you’re right – and as much as we understand that processing refunds is a necessity in the current climate, it will feel oh so good to focus on getting back to doing what we love doing. In anticipation of the start of a new month, we are very pleased to be able to be taking our staff off the furlough scheme and getting the team back together to push for a productive August and end to 2020.

The past month saw us focus on our Garden Glamping service and providing customers based all over the UK with a bell tent in their own back garden. The service has proven to be very popular and after speaking to our customers, being able to book a tent or tents and have Honeybells staff deliver, assemble, de-assemble and collect the tent(s) has been an ideal and extremely well enjoyed option, especially considering everything that is going on in the world recently.

Our franchisees in Kent and Cheshire have experienced a similar and rather expected dip in their volumes of work, similar to the team based at HQ in North Dorset. Having said this, the guys have been kept pleasantly busy providing at least half a dozen tents each week to various Garden Glamping customers.

Moving towards August, the schedule is looking busier than it has done for what seems like a long while. Alongside a good number of Garden Glamping bookings, the team will be undertaking a number of exciting jobs that include providing, assembling and maintaining some of our luxurious Emperor Tents for a Dorset-based farm that we have the pleasure of working with in the past, allowing them to cater to a host of different parties of guests over the next few weeks.

As mentioned earlier, we cannot wait to get back to doing what we love and putting enormous smiles on our wonderful customers’ faces. So, if you are looking to create amazing memories in the safe comfort of your own home, then simply visit and let us know what you need.